Demit Termoscit [int]

Solution for the elimination of mold [int]


Demit Termoscit [int]

Solution for the elimination of mold [int]


Demit Thermoscit is a solution for the elimination and future prevention of the formation of algae and mold on the interior surfaces. The solution is made by combining three products:

• AlgiClean – chlorine based product for the mechanical elimination of algae and mold.

• Termoglet – interior plaster with glass-ceramic thermal insulating beads for heat insulation.

• Termoščit – interior paint for heat insulation.


• it eliminates the main cause of the appearance of algae and mold

• prevents the condensation of air humidity on the walls

• due to its thermal insulation and reflective properties, provides significant energy savings

Scope of use

• AlgiClean – eliminates mold on various surfaces: walls, facades, damp surfaces and joints between tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, pantry, basements. For general and professional use.

• Termoglet – the glass-ceramic beads raise the surface temperature of the wall, thus preventing condensation on the surface and the development of algae and mold and reduce the speed of motion of the air along the wall, which reduces the feeling of cold drafts.

• Termoščit - It is used for painting and protecting internal walls and surfaces. The coating contains hollow glass-ceramic beads that act as insulatorsprevents condensation of moisture, regulates temperature and humidity in the room, thus preventing the appearance of algae or mold and creating a comfortable living environment.

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