EEZI-FIT Single Radius Access Branch


EEZI-FIT Single Radius Access Branch


EEZI-FIT single radius access branch allow pipes and fittings to be assembled by pushing them into an EPDM rubber gasket rather than the traditional mechanical coupling joint.

Fully conforming to BS EN 877 the branch only comes in angle 88 degrees and is available in 100mm and 150mm diameters.

The branch has a round access door at the rear of the branch arm for rodding if required.

Bosses on the main branch body can be cut out for waste connection using a 51mm diameter hole-saw. Then applying an EEZI-FIT 2" Push-Fit rubber grommet to connect 54mm OD copper or 56mm OD UPVC waste pipe.

Family type:


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Material Main:

Cast Iron

Material Secondary:

EPDM Rubber

Natural Rubber

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Soil, Drain, Rainwater:

Above Ground Drainage


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RFA 2016

RFA 2016